Garden Design

Su can provide a number of design services including:

Garden Consultations

Advice on managing and planting problem areas in your garden.

Advice on renovating and rejuvenating your garden. This may involve a concept plan and planting plans.

Assistance in plant selection, plant purchasing and planting.

Garden Design

Each garden design is unique and is tailored to clients’ specific wishes, planned garden use and the style of the house. Clients may choose to just have a concept plan and then complete the work themselves.

The design process:

The Creation of a Design Brief

Su meets clients on site to discuss their wishes, their needs, their likes and dislikes. Broad concepts are discussed, as well as solutions to problems, plants and budgets. From this initial meeting a design brief is drawn up.

The Concept Plan

A concept design is drawn up, which includes ideas about hard landscaping and plantings. This is then discussed with clients to create a final design.

The Landscape Plan and Working Drawings

These drawings include hard landscaping such as paths, drives, pergolas and pools, as well as soft landscaping, which includes planting, lighting and irrigation.

Quotation for Landscaping

Su can arrange for contractors to quote on completing the works.

Oversight of Construction

Su can oversee the construction of the garden.

You can also see a panorama of Su’s Garden.